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24 March 2007 @ 11:42 pm
Who: K/Ryuichi/Yuki/Tohma /Noriko 
Where: School
What:  Scouting for new talent, English class and K-san substitutes as a cross-dressing teacher.
When: Jan 17th, 1991
Rating: TBA
Sataus: Incomplete

Out of all the ideas ever thought up: this had to have been one of his most interesting and well…workable yet. If there was a way to scout out new talent for Nittle Grasper then undercover was the way to go. However, his idea of undercover seemed so far fetched that it was near impossible to fathom.
Luckily, for him, it was a nice day as he stepped out of his car and onto the pavement. When it came to incognito, K did it with style: if cross-dressing could be considered as such. To a degree, the hip-hugging skirt was annoying as it rode up a bit as he walked.
He mused inwardly over how the hell women wore these things without the slightest bit of irritation. He wore, to match a fitting grey blazer with a white, button up under shirt and black heels. It took him forever to find an outfit that fit, considering he was tall and not necessarily busty, but he made it up by stuffing his shirt.
That itself proved to be a pain in the ass. He fought with lopsidedness, and size. Then again, did size really matter? He made a bit of a face as he pulled the skirt down a little and smoothed it out and stepped inside the school. Students stared as he pushed his shades up and smiled at them, waving before glancing down at his watch: right on time.
His hair was natural, which helped and all he had to do was pull it up higher and allow thin strands to hang a little looser around his face: if he found what he was looking for, then he knew this disguise wouldn’t have been worn in vain.  
He approached the English room he was assigned and slid open the door.
“Good Morning, everyone!” he greeted cheerfully as he stepped inside, sashaying his hips a bit as he added a light skip to his step. He hoped he’d pulled this off well, even guising his voice to a much higher pitch: not annoying so or too low.

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blondbombshellk on April 2nd, 2007 11:51 am (UTC)
Noting the amusement in Tohma’s eyes, K couldn’t help but smirk as he checked them off as present, grinning himself as he paced back and forth in front of the desk. Double checking the roster, he nodded in approval before setting it down and smiling.

“All right then everyone, shall we begin?” he said as he rummaged through the desk to pull out a folder containing the day’s notes. At least with this being English class, he could pull it off easily, however, had it been Japanese that would’ve been another story.

“Please keep in mind that you will eventually be tested on today’s notes, so please pay attention and jot down anything I mark as important.” He informed, blue eyes scanning the class room with a bemused expression. Satisfied as he exchanged glances with Ryuichi and Tohma he scribbled some notes down on the board.

“Oh, and if you have any questions, by all means: don’t hesitate to ask.” He said, smiling widely as he continued to write.